Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

Some services are a flat fee, others require a retainer upfront. A flat $50 intake appointment is enough to get you started. You will have an opportunity to address your situation and get advice on how to proceed.  If you decide to retain, an agreement will be signed and a fee paid according to the best estimate of how much time and money it will cost to pusure your case.  If your case is settled for less than your retainer, the remainder is reimbursed to you.  If your case requires more time than initially assessed, you will be responsible to pay more for continued services.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Cash, check, debit or credit are all accepted

Can I handle my case without legal representation?

Some things can be worked out without legal advice, or with minimal advice.  Sometimes an intake appointment is enough just to get pointed in the right direction. If you feel overwhelmed or confused by the laws or the specifics of your case, it is best to retain an attorney.

Should I accept a settlement?

Sometimes. Reaching a settlement is often a good way to settle a dispute without a lot of legal fees, but if you are concerned about being taken advantage of by a corporation or another individual, it may be more cost effective to seek the advice of an attorney to ensure you are protected.

What if I am questioned by Police?

Always protect your rights by staying silent until you have a chance to explain the situation to an attorney. The police's job is to get a conviction. The Attorney's job is to protect your rights whatever the situation.

What if my question is more specific than what is addressed here?

Contact us and set up an intake appointment for help specific to your situation.